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We post Action Items and key up-coming Grants and RFPs that focus on and offer support for some element of waste conversion to energy, biofuels and bioproducts. If you see something coming up that everyone should know about so they can become engaged and respond directly, SAY SO: contact us with the relevant information that people need to act. There are always hearings and rulemakings that languish for want of Public Interaction.

Due 02/06/2015: Applications to CEC for Advanced Clean Energy from Biogas

California Energy CommissionThe California Energy Commission (CEC) has released Program Opportunity Notice PON-14-505, "Advanced Clean Energy from Biogas, Biomethane and Natural Gas. The purpose of this solicitation is to fund research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) projects that address the barriers to increased market penetration of renewable energy. Up to $5.5 million is available for PON-14-505 grants, and will be divided between three topic areas: Topic A: Development and demonstration of affordable technologies and strategies for biogas cleanup and upgrading to biomethane or renewable natural gas for clean power generation. Topic B addresses demonstration of bottoming cycle solutions as supplemental power generation for highly efficient use of natural gas, while Topic C explores development and demonstration of micro-scale and other novel systems for small -scale combined cooling, heating and power applications. Match funding of at least 20% will be required. A pre-application workshop is scheduled for December 22, 2014, and will be webcast. The deadline to submit applications is February 6, 2015 by 3:00 pm. 12/12/2014

Due 02/06/2015: Proposals to DOE START for Strategic Energy Plans in Alaska

US Department of EnergyThe US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy is currently accepting applications for the third round of the Alaska Strategic Technical Assistance Response Team (START) Program to assist Alaska Native corporations and federally recognized Alaska Native governments with accelerating clean energy projects. Through Alaska START, DOE, and the Denali Commission, along with the DOE’s National Laboratories and other local and national experts, will assist rural Alaska Native communities in developing strategic energy plans to help mitigate climate change, conducting energy awareness and training programs, and pursuing new renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities. It is anticipated that up to five (5) Alaska Native communities will be selected from the applicant pool to receive START technical assistance. Applications are due by February 6, 2015 (midnight Eastern Time). 12/31/2014

Due 02/12/2015: Proposals to Develop Annapolis Renewable Energy Park

City of AnnapolisThe City of Annapolis, Maryland is requesting proposals (RFP 15-12 AREP) for the development and operation of the Annapolis Renewable Energy Park (AREP) to convert the property containing the closed City of Annapolis landfill into a renewable energy facility. The proposals must be for privately financed project development and operation of the facility. The competitive proposals shall be for a public-private partnership with a proposed developer or development team for a land-lease of the property containing the closed City of Annapolis landfill. Under the scope of the Request for Proposal (RFP), the only public-private partnership use to be considered shall be that of a privately financed development and operation of an Annapolis renewable energy park. A pre-proposal conference was held on December 17, 2014 in the City Council Chamber, City Hall, 160 Duke of Gloucester Street, in downtown Annapolis followed by a site visit. Proposal packages may be obtained from the Central Purchasing Office at the address noted above, by email to <> or faxing request to (410) 263-8120. 01/07/2015 

Due 02/13/2015: EOI for UK Advanced Biofuels Demonstration Competition

UK Department for TransportThe United Kingdom (UK) Department for Transport, Ricardo-AEA, and E4tech have announced launch of a £25 million advanced biofuels demonstration competition to support the development of a domestic advanced biofuel industry. The launch was accompanied by publication of the independent feasibility study documents exploring various aspects of into the project and the opportunities available for UK industry. According to the feasibility study, gains from the domestic supply of converting low value waste to high value transport fuel could be worth up to £130 million gross value added to the UK by 2030, and potentially up to £500 million per year including exports. Alongside the competition, the Department for Transport has also established a Transport Energy Taskforce to consider options for supporting advanced biofuels through policy mechanisms. We are also supporting a sub target at EU level. Expressions of Interest (EOI) are now being sought from potential bidders until February 13, 2015; shortlisted projects will then be invited to submit full proposals. 12/12/2014

Due 02/23/2015: Grant Applications to CDFA for Diary Digester Funding

California Department of Food and AgricultureThe California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) is requesting applications for the Dairy Digester Research and Development Program (DDRDP), authorized by the Budget Act of 2014. An estimated $11 million in competitive grant funding will be awarded to provide financial assistance for the installation of dairy digesters that result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and provide other environmental benefits. Applicants must access the Application Guidelines for detailed information and program requirements. CDFA will hold application workshops on January 21 and 28, 2015, and a webinar on January 27, 2015 to provide information on program requirements and the application process. There is no cost to attend the workshops or webinar, however, registration is required. Space is limited at each workshop location. Individuals planning to attend must email <> with their contact information, number of seats required, and workshop location. Further details will be provided upon confirmation of registration. Applications must be submitted electronically on the CDFA grant submission website by Monday, February 23, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. PST. 01/12/2015

Due 02/25/2015: EOIs to Innovate UK for Waste Recovery R&D Funding

Innovate UK Innovate UK and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are planning to invest up to £4.5m in collaborative R&D projects that seek to increase the recovery of valuable materials from waste streams. Applicants will be selected from a two-stage competition that opens on January 12, 2015. The purpose of this competition is to develop processes for dealing with continuously produced waste streams to maximize the value of recovered resources. Proposals should describe how they seek to maximize the value of outputs and, for this reason, those solely seeking to recover energy from waste will not be considered. Projects focused on product-return approaches, such as remanufacture, refurbishment and leasing, are also out of scope. A briefing for potential applicants will be held on January 14, 2015 to highlight the main features of the competition and explain the application process. Applicants are strongly recommended to attend this event. All applicants must first register by noon on February 18, 2015 in order to participate in the competition. The first stage is submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) by noon on February 25, 2015. Selected applicants will then be invited to submit applications, which will be due by April 15, 2015. 10/03/2014

Due 03/04/2015: 1st Stage Applications to Innovate UK for Energy Projects

Innovate UKThe United Kingdom's (UK) Innovate UK has announced planned investments of up to £9.5 million in innovations that will address the need for a diverse mix of energy sources and systems over the next three decades and beyond. The aim of this competition is to encourage cross-sector supply chains that can deliver integrated energy solutions at different scales to meet the many challenges of achieving a low-carbon economy by 2050. A two stage competition has opened, with a first stage of feasibility studies. Projects should focus on both the demand and supply side across the energy vectors (carriers) and networks of electricity, heat, and combustible gases. Up to three projects will be then be chosen for follow-on collaborative research and development (R&D). Up to £500,000 of the total funding will be available for the smaller-scale feasibility studies, with no more than £40,000 per project. A competition briefing is scheduled for January 15, 2015 in West Midlands, UK and will be broadcast by webinar, with attendance requiring on-line registration. The first stage of this competition (feasibility studies) opens on 5 January 2015. The deadline for applications is at noon on March 4, 2015. The second stage (collaborative R&D) is by invitation and is expected to open on September 7, 2015. NOTE: Also review the funding opportunities page for this competition. There is a conflict between the dates on this page and in the announcement. Teru Talk has requested clarification. 01/10/2015

Due 03/18/2015: Peak Capacity Power Proposals to APS in Arizona

Arizona Public Service Co.Arizona Public Service Company (APS) has announced that it will release a Request for Proposals (RFP) for dispatchable capacity to meet peak capacity demand. The RFP will be released on January 30th with a bid submittal deadline of March 18, 2015. APS is seeking approximately 300 megawatts of peaking capacity, which may be bid as a power purchase agreement or a build, own and transfer structure. Proposals must demonstrate that projects can achieve commercial operation by the summer of 2018 or 2019. The entire RFP process will be monitored and reviewed by a third-party independent monitor. Proposals will be evaluated and compared to an APS self-build option to expand the existing Ocotillo Power Plant site located in Tempe, Ariz. Registration with the PowerAdvocate platform is required; contact Sibia Manzanarez at <> for additional information. 01/22/2015 

Due 12/31/2015: Proposals to NYSERDA for AD Gas-to-Electricity

NYSERDAThe New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) has announced the availability of approximately $20.4 million in Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) funding through 2015 to support the installation and operation of Anaerobic Digester Gas (ADG)- to-Electricity Systems in the state. Funding is available under Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2828 on a first-come, first-served basis; up to $2 million is available per project, depending on the project specifications. Application Packages must be received by NYSERDA on or before 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on December 31, 2015 or prior to the exhaustion of the available funding, whichever comes first. 07/31/2014  


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