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We post Action Items and key up-coming Grants and RFPs that focus on and offer support for some element of waste conversion to energy, biofuels and bioproducts. If you see something coming up that everyone should know about so they can become engaged and respond directly, SAY SO: contact us with the relevant information that people need to act. There are always hearings and rulemakings that languish for want of Public Interaction.

Due 08/28/2015: Interest in Small Scale Waste-to-Energy Project in Alaska

Metlakatla Indian CommunityGershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. (GBB) has announced the release of a Request for Expression of Interest and Qualifications (RFIQ) from the Metlakatla Indian Community (MIC), located in Southeast Alaska. The purpose of the RFIQ is to identify companies that might be determined to be Qualified Proposers relative to a potential small scale Waste-to-Energy (WTE) facility for processing municipal solid waste (MSW) on Annette Island. Through the RFIQ, the MIC intends to evaluate and short-list companies and WTE technologies that offer an affordable solution providing local jobs, creating energy, and capable of processing at least 5 tons per day of MSW as currently generated by MIC, with an allowance for an increase of feedstock to around 10 tons per day. The deadline to submit responses is Friday, August 28, 2015, at 5:30 pm EST. Contact John Carlton at (908) 319-5992 or <> for more information. 08/18/2015

Due 09/03/2015: Renewable Power Proposals to San Francisco CleanPowerSF

San FranciscoThe San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has issued Request for Offers (RFO) CS-1032 seeking eligible renewable energy and resource adequacy supplies for CleanPowerSF, San Francisco's Community Choice Aggregation program. Two bid options are provided to meet the supply requirements of the first phase of CleanPowerSF starting early 2016. A non-mandatory pre-submittal conference is scheduled for August 19, 2015 at 3:00 pm. Call (888) 278-0296 and use Participant Code 875005. The deadline for proposals is September 3, 2015 by 5:00 pm. 08/18/2015 

Due 09/04/2015: Comments to EC on Functioning of EU Waste Markets

European CommissionThe European Commission (EC) has opened a consultation to obtain a better understanding of the nature and the extent of regulatory failures causing undue distortions to European Union (EU) waste markets for recycling and recovery. In January 2015, the EC launched a study to examine obstacles and regulatory failures affecting the functioning of waste markets in the EU. The information gathered through the consultation will contribute to the finalization of the above-mentioned study and will be taken into consideration in preparation of the new initiative on the Circular Economy. The EU's waste management industry has a high potential for growth and job creation. According to existing rules, waste to be prepared for re-use, recycled, or subject to other recovery activities should move freely within the EU, without any unjustified restrictions. In some cases, however, the regulatory environment may hamper the efficient functioning of waste markets and fail to ensure optimal implementation of the waste hierarchy. The consultation period is open until September 4, 2015. 06/15/2015 

Due 09/10/2015: Response to New York City RFI on Renewable Power Supply

New York CityNew York City has issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking responses from all entities involved in and supporting the renewable energy sector. This RFI is designed to identify new generation capacity rather than existing sources of renewable energy. The RFI document may be downloaded online. The City will conduct an informational session via the Internet to address its renewable energy goals and how it expects to meet those goals at 11:00 am EST on July 30, 2015. Further information on the informational session will be provided to the prospective respondents and the public in the City Record newspaper and via the City Record Online. All responses shall be submitted electronically to Susan Cohen, the RFI Contact, at <> by 5:00 pm EST on September 10, 2015. In addition, two original paper copies shall be submitted to the RFI Contact no later than September 15, 2015. 07/16/2015 

Due 09/14/2015: Applications to Elsevier Sustainable Chemistry Challenge

ElsevierThe Elsevier Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge is open to individuals or organizations operating in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors from all countries.  Projects can be in any field of Green or Sustainable Chemistry so long as they are applicable for use in developing countries. Projects which are within their early stage are preferred. The winning project in the Elsevier Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge will receive a single payment of € 50,000; the winner of the second prize will receive a single payment of € 25,000. The submission system for the Challenge will open on June 1, 2015 (12:00 GMT). Upon registration, you will be able to access the online application. All submissions must be in English and submitted by September 14, 2015 (23:59 GMT). 05/20/2015 

Due 10/01/2015: USDA Loan Apps for Biorefineries/Bio-Product Manufacturing

US Department of AgricultureThe US Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Rural Business-Cooperative Service is requesting applications for funds that are available under the Biorefinery, Renewable Chemical, and Biobased Product Manufacturing Assistance Program (Program), formerly the Biorefinery Assistance Program. The funding will provide guaranteed loans to fund the development, construction, and Retrofitting of Commercial Scale biorefineries using Eligible Technology and of Biobased Product Manufacturing facilities that use Technologically New Commercial Scale processing and manufacturing equipment to convert Renewable Chemicals and other biobased outputs of biorefineries into end-user products, on a Commercial Scale. Two separate application cycles have been announced with deadlines of October 1, 2015, and April 1, 2016. 07/10/2015  

Due 12/31/2015: Proposals to NYSERDA for AD Gas-to-Electricity

NYSERDAThe New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA) has announced the availability of approximately $20.4 million in Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) funding through 2015 to support the installation and operation of Anaerobic Digester Gas (ADG)- to-Electricity Systems in the state. Funding is available under Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2828 on a first-come, first-served basis; up to $2 million is available per project, depending on the project specifications. Application Packages must be received by NYSERDA on or before 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on December 31, 2015 or prior to the exhaustion of the available funding, whichever comes first. 07/31/2014  


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Out of the Wasteland: Stories from the Environmental Frontier by Paul Relis

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