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Teru Talk News

Teru Talk Newsletter

Volume I, Issue 41, December 5, 2011 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Teru's Trash Talk


Teru Talk was designed to help answer questions about this Waste Conversion industry: Where ARE the examples of people and companies doing this stuff? Is it REALLY something that get accomplished without going bankrupt? Can you actually MAKE good stuff outta trash? Teru Talk is a tool box you can use to get at those answers, but like any tool, if you can't find the ON button or figure out which way the volume knob turns, you aren't gonna use it much (you're on your own to plug it in). So this week's Trash Talk is a guide to help you get comfortable with the Teru Talk tool. Clearly, the questions need attention and to get at the answers, we track globally around 2,000 companies, agencies, institutions, foundations, geniuses, and an occasional goofball. That means we scan over a thousand items a week to pull down maybe 20 that seem important to Waste Conversion. Since Teru Talk's inception, we've reported on over a thousand newsy bits, and every one of those news items is available online for your review. If you're already following us on Twitter, you know that we tweet everything new that's added to Teru Talk with a link to the item. It's also posted to our Facebook page and LinkedIn.


Let's say you're reading along in this Newsletter and spot something of interest. Click the news headline and you go to that news item on Teru Talk's website. OK so far, but you get curious, and want to learn more about this company or that topic. First, use the "search box" on the top left of the page and type in the company name (or whatever else might interest you). From that you get a list showing the Teru Talk pages where your search term appears. Go to one of the pages and use your browser's search engine hunt for specific terms on the page. We use Google; the drop-down menu you get from clicking the "down" arrow shows a "Find on this page" choice. Clicking THAT opens a "FIND" box where you can type in your search term - and immediately see the first instance highlighted on the page. Ta-da!


When there is something important with a deadline, we post an Action Item with all the dates and contact info you'll need for your follow-up. Thing is, by now we've got reference material stored up on a whole lot of the stuff that makes up our Waste Conversion world and it's there when you need it. Everything from this bar-stool "Trash Talk, to the daily additions of News and Action items that end up in each week's wrap-up newsletter, to Focus Reports summarizing meetings and events, to the in-depth Articles. You'll also find our own filings to Docket on agency matters, and even a budding glossary. Explore the buttons down the right side of the newsletter, or the tabs across the top of each web page.


Now, you don't have to agree with us. In fact, we LIKE it when there's a dust-up; that is why there is a Dialogue section set up to draw out questions and comments. Use it freely, but keep it clean please. Work the site over. Try all the buttons and tabs. Hunt for whatever comes to mind. Good chance, there's SOMETHING on Teru Talk to get you a bit further down the "I know that!" path. If what you want isn't there or it just doesn't work the way you think it should, Tell Us!

Hey Rube!

Teru will be at The Waste Conversion Congress - West Coast in San Jose tomorrow and Wednesday. He is scheduling interviews and making plans so he can report back to you on the people, the companies, and the progress in the industry. Walk up and say howdy if you see him there.

The Week's News

FAA Awards $7.7MM in Contracts for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Development  The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced the award of $7.7 million in contracts to eight companies to advance commercial production and availability of next-generation alternative "drop-in" aviation fuel. 12/03/2011


Finland's Outotec Acquiring Energy Products of Idaho

In a move designed to strengthen its energy and environmental technologies growth and portfolio, Finnish resources company Outotec has announced that it is acquiring all assets of Energy Products of Idaho (EPI). 12/03/2011


Viridor Clears Legal Challenges to Avonmouth Waste to Energy Plant Waste management and recycling company Viridor has announced that the United Kingdom's High Court has now dismissed legal challenges from nearby Bristol City Council to development of the Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre. 12/02/2011


CHO-Power, ROC Plan 4 Waste Gasification to Energy Projects in UK  The French firm Europlasma SA has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary CHO-Power SAS and the United Kingdom's (UK) Sunrise Renewables Companies (ROC) will work together to complete four biomass and waste to energy developments located at the UK ports of Hull, Barry, Sunderland and Barrow. 12/02/2011


EPA Releases Proposed Changes to Boiler/CISWI Emissions and NHSM Rules The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the issuance of "reconsiderations and proposed amendments" to the March 2011 issued final rules on emission of air pollutants from existing and new boilers and other "major sources" and "area sources", and governing Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste incinerators (the CISWI rules). 12/02/2011


Inbicon Plans North American Expansion of New Biomass Refinery Technology Danish biofuel company Inbicon has announced the selection and qualification of the Wisconsin office of the Finnish engineering firm Pöyry as its preferred provider in development of its advanced soft-cellulose biorefineries in North America. 12/01/2011 


Verdezyne Opens Bio-Sourced Adipic Acid Pilot Plant

The California biochemical and biofuel company Verdezyne has announced a significant milestone with the opening of its first pilot production facility in Carlsbad, California. 12/01/2011


Greenleaf Biofuels and Tenaska BioFuels Sign Multi-Year Biodiesel Agreement New Hampshire based Greenleaf Biofuels LLC has announced the signing of an exclusive multi-year agreement with Tenaska BioFuels LLC, a subsidiary of the independent energy company Tenaska. 12/01/2011


Dynamotive to Commercialize Pyrolysis Oil Upgrading with IFP Energies, Axens Vancouver, Canada based Dynamotive Energy Systems Corporation has announced a step forward in the development, scale-up and commercialization of its proprietary pyrolysis oil upgrading process. 12/01/2011


Honeywell and AliphaJet Collaborate on Renewable Drop-In Jet Fuel Deployment Honeywell Process Solutions and AliphaJet, Inc announced a strategic collaboration at a recent dinner hosted by former President Jimmy Carter, who endorsed the effort. 11/30/2011


Amyris and Total Move from R&D to JV for Renewable Fuel Production California-based biofuels and biochemicals company Amyris announced expansion of its June 2010 agreement with the French oil, gas and alternative energy giant Total S.A., increasing collaborative research and development, expressing intent now to form a joint venture for production of alternative fuels and other products. 11/30/2011


Emerging Markets Now Drive Renewables Investments

United Kingdom based accountancy firm Ernst & Young (EY) has highlighted the Ukraine as one of the rapid-growth markets now driving renewable energy investment in the global market. Since 2003, the think-tank has been developing and publishing quarterly Country Attractiveness Indices (CAIs) that track and rank renewable energy markets in 40 countries. 11/30/2011


TGI Signs LOI to Acquire Eliho Assets for Waste Conversion to Energy New Jersey based TGI Solar Power Group, Inc took another step toward implementation of advanced waste conversion, signing a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire certain strategic assets from Eliho Energy Systems, Inc of Nevada. 11/29/2011


KTG Agrar Expands Biogas Production Beyond 20 MWe

German integrated farming / renewable energy company KTG Agrar AG announced that the mild European winter has allow it to advance ahead of schedule for both production of biogas for combined heat and power, and development of new anaerobic digestion facilities. 11/29/2011


Mega-Scale Hong Kong Integrated Waste Management Facility Moves Forward California based global professional services firm AECOM Technology Corporation has been awarded a consulting contract to provide professional management services for Phase 1 of a new Integrated Waste Management Facility in Hong Kong. 11/28/2011


University of Salford Installs Owl Power's Vegawatt Generator for CHP The University of Salford Manchester, United Kingdom (UK), has announced successful installation of a Vegawatt™ combined heat and power (CHP) generation unit that will run on waste kitchen grease from campus cafeterias, and provide power and hot water for Faraday House. 11/28/2011


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