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Teru Talk Newsletter

Volume I, Issue 44, December 27, 2011 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a Happy New Year! Our newsletter will go out Tuesday, January 3rd next week.

Teru's Trash Talk

Here's a new Old Tradition guaranteed to irritate your friends and relatives for years to come: Carefully undo, de-tape, fold, save and reuse your Christmas wrapping paper, bows and even the tags. Oh, you have to practice this one to be any good at it, but after awhile those shoeboxes of folded wrapping paper start to hold cherished scraps. Why, this year, I wrapped a gift for my sweetie and used up the last of some Santa paper that must be at least 20 years old. OK, you complain, but we don't just dump it all in the trash-can - we just LOVE the colors it makes in our fireplace! Hummm … yes, heavy metal salts and odd bits of plastic are colorful when incinerated. Care to take a bet on the toxic content of the soot in your chimney? Or, better yet, maybe it all simply vanishes into the air … Eventually, even wrapping paper reaches the end of its useful days and into the can or up the stack it goes, right? And don't tell me it ain't no big thing: residential trash tonnage collected during the Holidays goes up 25%. We've all been doing this so long we don't even THINK about it anymore.


Well, consciousness is a burden, but we need to attend to this for the sake of our great-grandkids. When something no longer can be returned for reuse, and can't be cleaned and rebuilt for the marketplace through "recycling", we've got a global responsibility to figure out a way NOT to "dispose", to simply make it go away so we don't have to think about it. We need some stop-gap measure for the millions of tons of Stuff otherwise headed for holes in the ground. Ta-Da! in the nick of time, we get Waste Conversion: just pull those molecules apart, separate out the really BAD ones into their own tidy pile, and put the rest back to use in a completely different form. Those minute bits of Christmas paper can now be taken apart by enzymes and trained microbes into cellulose, hemi-cellulose and lignin, each with its purpose, while the tiny amounts of metals and plastics go into a jar to be stared at and studied for later (we're figuring that little problem out, too.) It all starts with a new Old Tradition, which unfortunately, just means that we need to re-train ourselves (again) to make this work. Hope your Christmas presents were all you hoped for … and that they were wrapped in colorful old, wrinkled paper. Happy New Year, dear readers!

Hey Rube!

Catch your breath; here comes 2012! Let's make it a grand Waste Convertin' adventure…

The Week's News

Bus Trips to the Moon Could Be Fueled on Discarded Christmas Paper Researchers calculate that between 5 and 12 million liters of biofuel could be generated by microbial fermentation from the 83 square kilometers of Christmas wrapping paper and some 1.5 billion Christmas cards landfilled annually in the United Kingdom. 12/26/2011


Eco Ventures Secures $12MM 120-Day Purchase Order for Biodiesel

Florida company Eco Ventures Group, Inc (EVGI) has announced receipt of a blanket 120-day purchase order for its ASTM-grade biodiesel from the biodiesel supply chain company Agri Liquid Products of Sandy Hook, Mississippi. 12/23/2011


Cyclone Power Acquires Licensee Advent Power, Assumes DoD Contracts  Florida-based Cyclone Power Technologies announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire the assets and business relationships of Advent Power Systems, Inc., who has been Cyclone's exclusive licensee for military applications since 2006. 12/23/2011


INEOS Receives 10-Year Tax Abatement for Florida Waste to Fuel Facility The Indian River County Board of Commissioners approved the first property tax abatement agreement under a new tax abatement ordinance for INEOS New Planet BioEnergy LLC's (INPB) Indian River BioEnergy Center in Vero Beach, Florida. 12/23/2011


Ameresco Completes Construction on 3-Plant Bioenergy Complex

Massachusetts based Ameresco has received Final Acceptance Certification from the US Department of Energy (DOE) for the new Biomass Cogeneration Facility (BCF) constructed at the DOE's Savannah River Site (SRS). 12/22/2011


JBI Signs Plastic2Oil Fuel Supply Contract with Indigo Energy, XTR Energy JBI, Inc has announced signing of a long-term fuel supply contract with wholesale oil distributor Indigo Energy Partners, LLC to deliver No. 6 Fuel Oil from JBI's Plastic2Oil facility in Niagara Falls, New York. 12/22/2011


UK WRAP Announces £500,000 Fund for Food Waste Collection Projects  The United Kingdom's Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has announced the launch of a new 3 year, £500,000 fund to encourage innovative methods for collection of food waste from businesses and public buildings. 12/21/2011


AESI Launches Biomass Research Institute in Wichita for Feedstock Testing Kansas based Alternative Energy Solutions International (AESI) has announced the launch of its Biomass Research Institute (BRI) in Wichita, Kansas and scheduled an open house for February 1-2, 2012. 12/21/2011


Karlsruhe Institute to Coordinate BioBoost to Advance Waste Biomass Conversion Germany's famous Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has announced it will coordinate "BioBoost", a broad European initiative to advance development of conversion of biomass into clean, engine-compatible fuels and chemicals, as well as for generation of biomass-sourced renewable energy and heat. 12/21/2011


Scorpex Receives $90MM LOI for IET Waste Gasification Equipment

Nevada company Scorpex Inc. has announced receipt of a financing Letter of Intent (LOI) for $90 million in equipment financing from conversion systems provider International Environmental Technologies, Inc (IET), a Kentucky corporation with patented starved air gasification and thermal oxidation capabilities. 12/20/2011


Agilyx Secures $25MM Series C Funding for Waste Plastic Conversion  Oregon based waste plastics to crude oil specialist Agilyx Corporation has closed its $25 million Series C funding round, lead by a $4 million investment by Keating Capital of Greenwood Village, Colorado. 12/20/2011


JBI receives Air Permit Exemptions for Plastic2Oil Process

The Canadian firm JBI, Inc. has announced that use of its patent-pending Plastic2Oil (P2O) technology has received an exemption from air permitting requirements for use in the first Rock-Tenn Company plastics processing site where P2O will be installed. 12/20/2011


Viridor Selected for South London Waste to Energy Recovery Facility

The South London Waste Partnership, servicing Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton, has announced selection of Viridor as the Preferred Bidder toward a 25-year contract to treat up to 215,000 tonnes per year of residual waste. 12/20/2011

The Week's Action Items

Due 02/09/2012: Combined Heat & Power Offers for Projects over 5MWe to SCE Southern California Edison (SCE) issued a Combined Heat and Power Request for Offers (CHP-RFO) on December 15, 2011 for projects over 5 megawatts (MWe); complete offer submittal packages are due February 9, 2012. 12/26/2011



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