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Teru Talk News

Teru Talk Newsletter

Volume II, Issue 17, April 23, 2012
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")

Teru's Trash Talk

The Day After Earth Day 2012
This wet blue ball we’re riding, she’s tough
She fixes her problems and heals her own wounds
Despite how her critters play outside of bounds -
She could just as easily say, enough’s enough.
We’re sheltered from her nightmares
Plagues of Time and Space, dying suns
Forgetting about what the ol’ girl’s done
We fret and fret about what isn’t here.
Ten thousand years since the last Ice Age

Whole races of Man migrating back and forth

That’s what’s written on just this last page
Yet it holds the sum of Man’s path and worth.
We’re so self-important! So sure and secure
In knowing who the Good and the Bad guys are
It’s Government! It’s Industry! It’s the Dogs of War!
When for she that circles, it’s the life of her Star…

Hey Rube!

Due Process is comforting at times. The California Energy Commission now must meet and confirm its implementation policy for the Renewables Portfolio Standard at their next Business Meeting. One of the topics is this business about suspending the Eligibility Guidebook sections on certification of projects that would put biomethane into pipelines. OK, OK, so I don't really think they'll listen any more than they did for the March 28th meeting when almost everyone in attendance was objecting to their 10-Day Eviction Notice leveled on the industry, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't say something, LOUDLY. Check out our Action Item below on the CEC's request for comment on the topic, file your comments, and show up on May 9th in Sacramento.

The Week's News

First Biomass Gasification Plant In Philippines Converts Ag Waste to Energy

Eco Market Solutions (EMS) has opened the first biomass gasification plant in the Philippines in Dinalungan, Aurora, providing "renewable energy for rural electrification." 04/21/2012


ProSelect Launches GC6 Carbon Capture and ReUse System for Greenhouses

Canadian firm ProSelect Gas Treatment Inc. launched its GC6 Carbon Capture System yesterday with a facility tour and ribbon cutting ceremony at the SunSelect Produce greenhouse complex demonstration installation in Delta, British Columbia. 04/21/2012


EERC Unveils Mobile Waste Biomass Gasification to Methanol Unit

University of North Dakota's Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC) has announced successful demonstration of a unique trailer-mounted wood gasification to methanol system designed for remote conversion of woody biomass to liquid fuel. 04/20/2012


Enel Green Power to Integrate Concentrating Solar with Biomass Gasification

The Italian utility Enel has announced that its publicly traded renewables company Enel Green Power (EGP) has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for pilot assessment, construction and operation of an integrated concentrating solar power (CSP) and biomass gasification renewable power plant. 04/20/2012


Conifex Receives BCUC Approval for BioEnergy Purchase Agreement

Canadian timber harvest and milling company Conifex Timber Inc. has announced approval by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) of its Electricity Purchase Agreement with BC Hydro. 04/19/2012


Gevo Receives 8th Isobutanol Pathway Patent in Eight Months

Colorado-based all-sugar to biofuels specialists Gevo announced receipt of its eighth US patent in only the past eight months, dramatically accelerating the company's progress toward commercialization. 04/19/2012


Intertek Awards ISC Certification for Biofuels to Raizen North America

Global auditing, certification, and safety services provider Intertek has announced the award of an International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) for biofuels to Raizen North America, Inc. 04/19/2012


ORNL Uses Light to Boost Enzyme Activity for Biomass to Biofuels Production

The US Department of Energy's   (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has announced a research breakthrough in the use of specific wavelengths of light to dramatically increase enzyme function. 04/18/2012


MagneGas Will Furnish Syngas for 300-acre Steel Structure Demolition

Florida's producer of hydrogen-based renewable metal cutting gas, MagneGas, has announced its selection by Marathon Construction and Demolition,   LLC to provide the metal cutting gas for dismantling 300 acres of steel structures in a former automotive manufacturing plant in Alabama. 04/18/2012


Xergi Secures Danish Support for NiX Manure Pretreatment Technology

Danish anaerobic digestion (AD) specialists Xergi announced that its patented NiX® "pressure cooker" nitrogen extraction technology has now passed assessment and secured funding support by the Danish government. 04/18/2012


OriginOil Successfully Treats Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback Wastewater

Los Angeles-based algae-to-biocrude company OriginOil has announced success in clarifying hydrocarbon-laden water produced in oil well water flooding and hydraulic fracturing or "fracing". 04/18/2012


WM Opens 3.2 MWe Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facility at Lockwood Landfill

Waste Management (WM) recently celebrated northern Nevada's first landfill gas to energy plant with a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval. 04/17/2012


RES £250MM North Blyth Biomass Project Application Accepted

The United Kingdom based renewable energy firm RES has announced that the planning application for its proposed biomass to energy plant has been accepted by the national government's Planning Inspectorate. 04/17/2012


Florida Energy Bill HB 7117 Passes Without Governor's Signature  

Last Friday evening, Florida Governor Rick Scott allowed a controversial energy bill to become law without his signature, ushering in a new era for Florida renewable energy and energy efficiency development. The provisions of the new law (HB 7117) take effect on July 1, 2012. 04/16/2012

The Week's Action Items

Due 05/02/2012: Comments to CEC on Draft RPS Guidebook Changes

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has issued a Notice that it will consider approval of Lead Commissioner Draft changes to the Overall Program Guidebook for the Renewable Energy Program (REP) and the Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) Eligibility Guidebook at its May 9, 2012 Business Meeting. 04/19/2012


Due 05/14/2012: Comments to RSB on Indirect Impacts of Biofuels

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB) has posted details on opening the Public Consultation seeking comment regarding the potential indirect impacts associated with biofuel production. 04/17/2012


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