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Teru Talk Newsletter

Volume II, Issue 22, May 29, 2012 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Teru's Trash Talk

In a stunning example of poor form last week, CalRecycle's new director caved to the demands of the vocal minority, countermanded determinations of her own Chief Counsel and rescinded her department's recognition of the Plasco Salinas Valley Project as an alternative waste management pathway in compliance with current regulation and law.

Year after year, we witness a continual attack upon science and business in California. Just when we think some progress has been made, underhanded tactics prevail and Sanity takes a back seat. Year after year we hear the lament from our leaders confirming what we all know, that our economy is in the toilet and getting worse. Yet when the opportunity arises to convert our ugly legacy of Waste into an engine of positive change, those in charge in the legislature and state agencies use their position to level another resounding slap against our municipalities and the industries they support. Even the hint that a new approach might work appears to be enough to bring out the screamers.

This time, Director Mortenson parrots the complaints of the zealots and unplugs seven years of Monterey County's community diligence, all based on what certainly appears to be the opposition's intentional misinterpretation of existing law and her Chief Counsel's wording.

For a while, I thought the Zealot's Reasoning (oxymoron) could be as simple as slamming California's door to keep anyone else from getting inside. You know, "Not in My Backyard." That sure has worked well, hasn't it? But an older addage reflects, "Follow the Money": just who is making a killing off the status quo? Even the leading corporate landfill owners have had a change of heart and have been investing heavily in waste conversion technology, including gasification and plasma. Perhaps we should watch who picks up the paycheck when our "waste" resources are gathered up, put in shipping containers, and sent in such huge volumes overseas. Export of our precious resources does not constitute Recycling in my book, but I'll bet that it DOES equate to a whole lot of Money. Just sayin' …

Hey Rube!

Take a good look at our Focus Report chewing on this subject in far more detail. The link is below under "This Week's Extra Reading." It's going out well beyond our loyal readership this week, so you should be able to hear the backlash from afar. Do your homework, ask the tough questions, and come to your own conclusion. Then SAY SOMETHING, preferably in writing, to every "responsible party" in your address book.

The Week's Extra Reading

New TERU Focus Report: CalRecycle Jeopardizes Plasco Project by rescinding its own two-year-old determination for the Salinas Valley Waste to Energy Project.

The Week's News

Gevo Starts Commercial Production of Biobased Isobutanol on Schedule

Colorado based Gevo Inc., has announced start of commercial scale production of the biofuel isobutanol at its Luverne, Minnesota facility. 05/25/2012

CalRecycle Releases Final Agenda: Digesting Urban Organics Residuals Forum

California's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has released the final agenda for its Digesting Urban Organics Residuals (DUOR) forum to be held May 30, 2012 at the CalEPA Building in downtown Sacramento. 05/25/2012

Whitesand First Nation Considers Shift from Diesel Power to Bioenergy CHP

The Ontario, Canada Ministry of Northern Development and Mines has announced its assistance to the Whitesand First Nation 300-person community in assessing feasibility of converting from diesel power generation to biomass-fueled combined heat and power. 05/25/2012

Feedstox Buys Advanced Biomass Harvesting Equipment for Lease to Farmers

Kansas based Feedstox has announced key additions to its fleet of advanced agricultural residual harvesting equipment to reduce the cost of cellulosic biofuels production. 05/24/2012

AFS BioOil Invites Tours of Algae Demo Plant at Fairfield Suisun WWTP

AFS BioOil Co, subsidiary and licensee of Algal Floating Systems, Inc, has announced that it has opened its demonstration facility on the grounds of the Fairfield Suisun Sewer District's wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Fairfield, California. 05/24/2012

Eunomia Releases Bi-Annual Residuals Conversion Update for UK

United Kingdom (UK) based Eunomia Research and Consulting has updated its assessment of the UK's "Residual Waste Infrastructure Review", releasing a useful free 29-page "high level" summary extracting detail from its full report that is available for purchase on its website. 05/24/2012

Beta Renewables Licenses PROESA to GraalBio for Brazilian Ethanol Plant

M&G Group/TPG joint venture Beta Renewables has announced licensing of its proprietary Chemtex PROESA™ biomass pre-treatment technology to the South American firm GraalBio, part of the Graal Investment Corporation Group. 05/24/2012

Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative Launched in 12 State Region

Boeing, United Airlines, Honeywell's subsidiary UPO, the Chicago Department of Aviation and the Clean Energy Trust released a joint announcement this week on the formation of the Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative (MASBI). 05/24/2012

GreenWorld Acquires Natures Earth and North Carolina Pellet Plant

Waste to energy company GreenWorld Development, Inc announced executing a binding framework agreement to acquire Natures Earth LLC and its 120,000 million ton per year wood pellet manufacturing facility in North Carolina. 05/23/2012

Delft University Partners with CSM and Royal DSM for Bioprocess Pilot Facility

The Delft University of Technology, Netherlands,   has announced a joint venture with the global specialty chemicals and fuels company Royal DSM and the food processing giant CSM to form the company Bioprocess Pilot Facility BV (BPF). 05/23/2012

HELCO Signs PPA with Hū Honua Bioenergy for Biomass Power

Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO) and Hū Honua Bioenergy today announced signing a Power Purchase Agreement to provide Hawaiʻi Island with 21.5 megawatts (MW) of renewable electricity, about 10% of the island's electricity demand. 05/23/2012

Heliae Breaks Ground on Commercial Scale Algae Production Demo Facility

Arizona based Heliae Development, LLC has announced ground-breaking for its commercial-scale algae production demonstration facility. 05/21/2012

The Week's Action Items

Update: Addendum No.1 Issued to Biosolids to Energy Project RFQ

The Bay Area Biosolids to Energy (BAB2E) Coalition released Addendum No. 1 last week to its April 5, 2012 solicitation, issuing a Revised Request for Qualifications (RFQ). 05/22/2012

Due 08/26/2012: Papers for Biogas Engineering and Application - Volume 3

The Sino-German Project for Optimization of Biomass Utilization - Biogas has announced a Call for Papers for Volume 3 of "Biogas Engineering and Application". Publication is scheduled for December 2012. 05/23/2012

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