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Teru Talk Newsletter

Volume II, Issue 29, July 16, 2012 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Teru's Trash Talk

Oregon has a different approach than California to, well, just about everything. When it comes to waste management and resource recovery, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) wraps it all up in what they call "Materials Management" and has a 2050 Vision document out for review and comment right now. In the ODEQ's view, Recycling is just one part of Materials Management, and the same goes for where Conversion Technologies fit. Instead of busting the full cycle of goods-to-goods up in a gazillion silos kept separate by agency and industry in-fighting, the state is working to get the whole picture firmly printed in Oregonian's brains.

Oregon's full Life Cycle of Materials and Products starts with (1) Extraction of Virgin Stuff which then gets (2) Manufactured into consumer goods. Next comes (3) Consumption and Use followed by (4) End-of-Life Management, where that worn-out stuff gets discarded by the users and either (5) goes to disposal or (6) gets Recycled. Now, like California, those Recycled Goods need to be "cleaned, treated and reconstituted" into something that can re-enter as (7) Recovered Materials, alternatives to take the place of (1) Extraction.

All through this larger Life Cycle of Materials and Products are opportunities to be more efficient, less wasteful, more creative, less broke … chances to build up the regional economy by "in-sourcing" and internalizing, building up the state's own capacity to Recover and Remake Stuff. By keeping the bigger picture in mind and seeking out every instance where Oregon has been losing Materials from its own grasp, more Stuff stays in the local economy, more jobs remain near home, less Stuff has to be purchased from afar to make the Goods, and less money flows away from the state's economy.

Recently, California has been trying to figure out the various pieces of this puzzle, yet continues to look at the many parts instead of the whole picture. Yes, sets of laws have to address specific parts. Yes, myriad agencies will continue to fight over control of those parts. And yes, the industrial and municipal Turf Wars will continue to erect barriers. As long as the state keeps this up, the Materials and the Money will continue to be shipped out of the state just as fast as it possibly can.

It doesn't have to continue; California can become a self-supporting machine any time the political will and the public consciousness say it's time. Pull the Jobs back into the state, make sure the Materials remain here long enough to be "cleaned, treated and reconfigured" for re-entry into California's own marketplace. The people have the smarts, the state certainly have the humongous Materials flow and the market. It appears California also has a Neighbor to the North who has managed to get right out in front when it comes to the Life Cycle of Materials Management.

Hey Rube!

The ODEQ has scheduled a two hour webinar on its 2050 Vision of the whole process of Materials Management for July 19, 2012 that we mentioned in our action item a couple of weeks ago. Let's surprise 'em, and have a few hundred Californians crash their on-line party. Compared to what CalRecycle's been promoting with its AB 341 - 75% Recycling routine, it looks like California's Northern Neighbor can fetch up something serious.

The Week's News

CalRecycle Schedules Workshop on SWF Permit 5-Year Review Process

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has announced that staff will conduct a half-day workshop on the five year review process for solid waste facility (SWF) permits on July 24, 2012. 07/15/2012

CARB Posts LCFS Guidance for Mixed Feedstock Biodiesel

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has posted a new Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) guidance document as an Internal Fuels Pathway for producers of mixed feedstock biodiesel. 07/15/2012

ETW Dry PSA Biogas Treatment Trials Successful in Upgrade Integration

The German biogas treatment specialists ETW Energietechnik GmbH have announced a successful six-month testing period for the upgrade installation at the existing Laupheim, Germany biogas plant, first commissioned in 2008. 07/15/2012

OriginOil Ships First Algae Harvester to Ennesys for French Urban Algae Trials

Los Angeles based OriginOil has announced shipment of its first modular algal harvesting system, its basic Model 4, to its development partner Ennesys for urban algae production trials in France. 07/14/2012

Gevo and Beta Renewables Sign Cellulosic Isobutanol Development Agreement

Colorado based Gevo Inc. has announced an agreement with Beta Renewables to integrate the company's two technology platforms for production of cellulosic isobutanol. 07/14/2012

Swedish Anaerobic Digestion Plant Ships First Tankers of Liquefied BioGas

Göteborg Energi has announced shipment of its first tankers of liquefied biogas to Gothenburg to be distributed in one of Fordonsgas Sweden AB's filling stations for fueling heavy vehicles. 07/14/2012

BDI BioEnergy to Build Largest Waste to Biodiesel Plant in France

The Austrian firm BDI BioEnergy International AG has received a EUR 16.4 million contract for construction of a multi-feedstock biodiesel facility in the port of Le Havre, France. 07/13/2012

Welsh Government Releases Waste and Resource Management Plan

The Welsh Government has announced development and publication of a country-wide plan for Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector (CIMS) to improve the recycled materials supply chain provision of recyclates to reprocessors and high-quality waste-sourced raw materials to manufactures that use recycled materials. 07/13/2012

French Company Global Bioenergies Opens First US Branch in Ames, Iowa

French biochemicals and biofuels company Global Bioenergies has announced the opening of a branch office in Ames Iowa, expanding its commercialization from Europe to North America. 07/12/2012

SCS Adds Landfills, Livestock, Ozone Depleting to GHG Offset Verifications

California based Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) has announced an expansion of its carbon offset verification program to include landfills, livestock, and ozone-depleting substances. 07/12/2012

Xergi Begins Quality Assurance Testing on New French Biogas CHP Plant

The Danish anaerobic digestion specialist Xergi has begun quality assurance testing as part of commissioning of its two-stage biogas plant installed for French fertilizer company META-BIO Energies in Bel-Air de Combrée in western France. 07/12/2012

Aemetis Acquires Cilion, Inc and Its California Ethanol Plant

California based Aemetis Inc, has announced acquisition of Cilion, Inc. and its ethanol plant in Keyes, California, culminating a long and successful working relationship. 07/11/2012

USCHPA Offers Free Webinar on New Ohio Alternative Fuels and CHP Law

Ohio Governor John Kasich signed Senate Bill 315 into law on June 11, 2012, establishing new support programs and development opportunities for waste energy recovery (WER), cogeneration (combined heat and power, or CHP), and advanced biofuels. 07/11/2012

AliphaJet Ready to Commercialize, Joins Advanced Biofuels Association

San Francisco based AliphaJet, Inc, a joint venture between SynGest Inc and Unitel Technologies, Inc, is ready to commercialize, and has joined the Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA). 07/09/2012 

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