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Teru Talk Newsletter

Volume II, Issue 36, September 4, 2012 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Teru's Trash Talk

The California Legislature finished their deeds early Saturday morning, according to our favorite (free) bill tracker Around the Capital, sending 788 bills to the Governor's Office who now has until November 30th to approve, veto, or ignore. Scattered amongst those bills were a few that would significantly impact the recovery of resources from waste. We discussed two that passed the legislature with Neil Black of California Bioenergy last week; two others are "enrolled" for yet another round of legislative assessment. NOT on the Gov's desk is at least one bill that should have been by our reckoning.

C'mon, we know this legislative stuff gives Everybody a headache, but we still have some time to put in a dig or a boost to the Governor. That's got to be at least as effective as trying to work with the Legislature directly. On the Passed side: Senate Bill 1122 would require the Utilities to add up to 250 megawatts of bioenergy in a way that would let biogas projects compete with biogas, and biomass with biomass, leveling the "cost" field. Also Passed: Assembly Bill 2196 by Wes Chesbro, author of last session's Mandatory Commercial Recycling Bill AB 341. AB 2196 attempts to untangle the recent biomethane-to-pipeline ruckus by setting new eligibility standards. When the California Energy Commission universally pulled the plug on projects intended to inject biomethane into the pipeline natural gas distribution grid, a whole bunch of folks with on-going project were left in the lurch. A quick resolution is needed; this bill seems to offer something workable.

Still under study, but at least inside the Office: AB 523 hopes to cut King Corn out of California's biorefinery/biofuels grant loan program for ethanol starting next July, leaving AB 118 projects to choose non-corn sourced biofuels for backing. And on a more Me Too! Level, 33rd District Assembly's Katcho Achadjian sponsored AB 2161 so San Louis Obispo County could be eligible for a chunk of that $7 million in grants to cut a cleaner local regulatory path for renewable energy. Governor, thumbs up for both bills: the first allows more funds for conversion of waste instead of food crops, and on the second, it's nice to see a Rep fighting for his constituents and clean energy.

Now, to that Missing Bill: some sort of legislative fix was needed allow the Salinas Valley Waste Management Authority to move forward with its plasma-based waste conversion demonstration after CalRecycle's director and her "aid" put the brakes on the Gonzales project. In June, the Gov's Office tried to help, and promised, "We can make this work." Apparently, Watsonville's Assemblyman Alejo didn't get the Gov's memo, and wouldn't support a bill. Plasco's now packed up to leave, waving a very clear hand-signal to CalRecycle and our Golden State. Harrumph.

Hey Rube!

With months of campaign ads and now the Party Conventions, the state rulemaking process can get caught in the lurch. It's hard to be bothered to make a Choice, when there's so much hoopla from all sides. But whatever your favorite political flavor, remember that if you DON'T get out there, you've also made a choice. Choose to be heard: speak up on what matters to you to the Gov's Office while there's a bit of time left, and do your best to understand enough of the national banter to be ready for a bigger Choice in November. This is OUR country, darn it.

The Week's News

Millar Western to Construct $42MM Pulp Mill Effluent to Biogas Facility

Alberta, Canada's timber and pulp company Millar Western Forest Products Ltd. has announced its decision to construct an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant to convert the effluent from its Whitecourt pulp mill to bioenergy. 09/03/2012

Global Bioenergies Is in Top 5 Most Innovative European Biotech SMEs

The French headquarters of Global Bioenergies has announced its selection last month as one of the top five most innovative European small-to-medium enterprise (SME) biotechnology companies for 2012 by the EuropaBio organization. 09/03/2012

Origin Oil Algae Harvester Set for Japanese Remediation and Biofuel Trials

Los Angeles based Origin Oil has announced that its long-standing Japanese partner, the Research Institute of Tsukuba Bio-tech (RITB), has received significant funding from the Japanese government for algae-to-biofuels trials. 09/01/2012

MaxWest Completes 2nd Generation Biosolids Gasification System

Florida based thermal conversion systems developer MaxWest Environmental Systems has announced completion of its second generation MaxWest Biosolids Gasification System, designed to convert wastewater treatment solids, or "biosolids", into energy. 09/01/2012

South Korean Researchers Convert Sewage Sludge to Biodiesel

A South Korean bioenergy research team has published "Biodiesel Production from Sewage Sludge: New Paradigm for Mining Energy from Municipal Hazardous Material" in the August 20, 2012 edition of Environmental Science & Technology, a publication of the American Chemical Society. 09/01/2012

Comment Period Closed on Air Permit for Puerto Rico Waste to Energy Plant

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 2 Office closed the public comment period today on an air permit for a waste to energy facility proposed in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. 08/31/2012

Xergi to Install Biogas Plant for Holton Turkey Waste to CHP Project in UK

Danish company Xergi A/S has announced that it will supply anaerobic digestion (AD) technology for the Holton Renewable Power Ltd. renewable combined heat and power (CHP) turkey waste to energy facility. 08/31/2012

Nexterra and Stopford Form Strategic Alliance for UK Waste to Energy Projects

Canadian biomass gasification company Nexterra has announced a strategic alliance agreement with Stopford Projects Ltd. of the United Kingdom (UK) to develop and market Nexterra’s energy-from-renewable-waste gasification systems for the industrial and district energy markets in the UK. 08/31/2012

Neste Oil Completes Phase I Waste to Microbial Oil Plant in Finland

Neste Oil has announced completion of the first phase of its microbial oil production pilot plant in Porvoo, Finland. 08/29/2012

LanzaTech Chosen as 2013 Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

New Zealand's emissions-to-bioproducts company LanzaTech has announced that the World Economic Forum has named the company as one of 23 Technology Partners for 2013 based on their innovation, potential impact, growth and sustainability, proof of concept, and leadership. 08/29/2012

Novozymes, Terranol Partner to Speed Cellulosic Ethanol Commercialization

Danish companies Novozymes and Terranol have announced a partnering agreement intended to increase the rate of commercialization for cellulosic ethanol production from wastes and residues, energy crops, and other types of biomass. 08/29/2012

7th Annual California Bioresources Alliance Symposium Agenda Finalized

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Pacific Southwest Region 9, has released the full details and published a final agenda for next month's California Bioresources Alliance 7th Annual Symposium. 08/28/2012

BioNitrogen Signs Development MOU with Hardee County, Florida

Florida's biomass to fertilizer company BioNitrogen has announced signing an agreement with the Development Authorities of Hardee County for its proposed Florida conversion facility. 08/28/2012

Sapphire Energy's Demo Green Crude Farm in New Mexico now Operational

San Diego's algae biorefinery company Sapphire Energy has announced that all elements of Green Crude Farm construction have now been completed on time and on budget. 08/27/2012

First SEFA Grant Awarded to African Green Tech Financial Facility Concept

The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has announced that the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) has awarded a grant of $825,000 (US) to develop the Green Tech Financial Facility. 08/27/2012

Weltec Enters Polish Energy Market with 2.4MWe Ag Waste to Biogas Project

Germany based Weltec Biopower has announced that it will start construction next month on a 2.4 megawatt (MW) anaerobic digestion (AD) facility in Darżyno, Pomerania, Poland about 80 kilometers west of Danzig. 08/27/2012

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