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Teru Talk News

Teru Talk Newsletter

Volume II, Issue 39, September 24, 2012 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Teru's Trash Talk

We've entered the Fall Conference period and so much of the emphasis now is on conversion of waste to electricity, heat, fuels, and commodities that you'd think the battle was won, everyone was already convinced, and the Money was waiting to be picked up for all those new projects. Well, at least when it comes to conversion of biomass, things are looking more encouraging. It's still an up-hill battle, and "Waste" is still a dirty word. Maybe that's the problem - we need to rethink the words we use.

Here at Teru Talk we've been chewing on the term Recycling for some time, showing how by law, Recycling = collect, sort, clean, pre-treat, and reconstitute / reprocess into market-ready materials. Whatever people think Recycling means, they sure do like the word. At the back-end of that recycling process, however, communities MUST have ready access to the equipment and methods that "reconstitute / reprocess" the raw sorted recyclates into market ready materials. Not having enough of the right kinds of reprocessing facilities means that to continue to "recycle", that recyclable stuff has to be shipped off to someplace else where those needed reprocessing capabilities DO exist. And it seems some people are finally waking up to the simple fact that shipping it off is not only creating a HUGE amount of greenhouse gas by all that long-distance transport, but the very Jobs needed to pull the regional economy up by its proverbial bootstraps are also being shipped off. Check out Green Team San Joaquin's Recycling BIN (Build Infrastructure Now) white paper; they certainly Get It, and are attracting a surprisingly diverse membership.

OK, so just exactly what ARE the systems and facilities that need to be built in your region to clean, pre-treat, and reconstitute / reprocess the recyclates collected and sorted back into market ready materials, the facilities that can allow your community to locally complete the Recycling process? Well, at their core, there is an ever-growing selection of equipment and technologies becoming available to turn the trick of recyclate conversion for integration within those much-needed Reprocessing Facilities. There's kinetic reprocessing equipment, and chemical reprocessing systems, and microbial reprocessing digesters and thermal reprocessing retorts, and lots of examples how combining these to convert just about anything that can be separated out for Recycling. To Recycle Locally, each community needs an infrastructure that includes local Reprocessing Facilities, and those plants need Reprocessing Technologies that convert waste into market-ready materials.

Hey Rube!

Even if you can't high-tail it to Sacramento, you can tune into the webinar this Wednesday to hear how the California Energy Commission will implement the new Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program with its promise of dedicated Bioenergy Funding, and you can also file your written comments. If you haven't already, go to the Governor's comment page and let him know that you support SB 1122, which is focused on the same "bucket" concept for development support. See our Action Item below on the CEC's EPIC program and our own comments to the Gov on SB 1122.

The Week's News

EPA Posts Last Week's Bioresources Alliance Symposium Presentations

On September 11 and 12 of last week, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hosted the California Bioresources Alliance 7th Annual Symposium in Sacramento, California. Region 9 has now posted the presentations from the packed-house symposium. 09/21/2012

LA County Supervisor Knabe Calls for Increased Waste Conversion Support

Los Angeles County Fourth District Supervisor Don Knabe read in a motion at this week's Board of Supervisor's meeting for a vote next week, calling for a four-part County drive in support of clean, efficient conversion of waste to energy, fuels, and products (see 09/18/2012 transcript, pg 40-42). 09/21/2012

Algae.Tec Contracts to Build Biofuels Facility for German Airline Lufthansa

The German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG (Lufthansa) announced to Reuters yesterday that it has signed a collaborative agreement with Australian algae to biofuel company Algae.Tec for construction of a large scale facility for production of aviation fuel. 09/20/2012

Global Bioenergies Ties for First as Most Innovative EU Biotech SME 2012

French biofuels company Global Bioenergies has tied for first place in the EuropaBio SME 2012 competition, one of Europe's most prestigious biotechnology sector programs for recognition of excellence. 09/20/2012

SEKAB E-Technology Tests Verify Dyadic's Newest Cellulosic Biofuel Enzyme

The Swedish biofuels and biochemicals company SEKAB E-Technology has announced completion of verification testing on Dyadic International's newest blend of cellulosic biofuel enzymes at SEKAB's full-scale bioethanol demonstration and testing facility at its headquarters in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. 09/20/2012

SNV Netherlands Rural Biogas Program 2012 Annual Grant Reports Available

The Knowledge Consultant on Domestic Biogas for the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) , Mr. Fred Marree, has identified the many Monitoring and Evaluation reports now being published on their website, following our request for more technical design and operational details. 09/20/2012

Dynamic Energy Acquires RFB Technology License for Processing Waste Tires

Memphis based Dynamic Energy Alliance Corporation (DEAC) has announced completion of acquisition by its subsidiary, Dynamic Energy IP. LLC, of an exclusive world-wide license and patenting rights for specialized waste tire processing capabilities from R.F.B., LLC (RFB). 09/18/2012

Joule Partners with Audi to Accelerate Sunflow Biofuels Commercialization

Massachusetts based Joule Unlimited has announced a strategic partnership with the major German car company Audi AG to accelerate development and commercialization of Joule's bioethanol and biodiesel fuels through Audi's programs of testing and verification. 09/18/2012

Missouri S&T Researchers Patent Extremophile Bacteria for Biofuels

Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T) has announced that a team of researchers led by microbiologist Dr. Melanie Mormile have patented processes that could reduce the cost and the reliance on fossil fuels, while streamlining the process. 09/17/2012

New "Renewable Energy on Contaminated Lands" Web Tool for California

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that a new web-based mapping tool with associated background data is now available that pinpoints contaminated and degraded properties in California suitable for renewable energy development. 09/17/2012

The Week's Action Items

Due 10/01/2012: Comments to CEC on EPIC 3-year Investment Plan

The California Energy Commission (CEC) released a Workshop Notice last week and has now posted the draft First Triennial Investment Plan for the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program, 2012 through 2014. 09/22/2012

Due 10/02/2012: Comments to ARB on Modified Text for California LCFS

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is seeking stakeholder comments on a Third Notice of Public Availability of Modified Text and Availability of Additional Documents and Information on California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). 09/18/2012

Due 01/17/2013: Proposals to HWMA for Anaerobic Digestion System

The Humboldt Waste Management Authority (HWMA) has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) soliciting professional design and installation services for the development through commissioning of a regional Anaerobic Digestion (AD) System including pre- and post-processing of organics. 09/21/2012

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