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Teru Talk News

Teru Talk Newsletter

Volume III, Issue 13, April 1, 2013 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Teru's Trash Talk

With the rampant availability of New Projects in the Waste Conversion sector, we thought it might be helpful to share just a few of the many Interviews we've been on recently. Here's a sampling, excerpted from Teru's Daily Life:

Intergalactic Waste, Inc.

Looking like nothing more than an unrestrained blob of Lime Jell-O (with a tie), the Obfustican motioned to something resembling a chair:

“Alright, Mr. Teru, thank you for beaming up for this interview today. You are aware of our conglomerate’s efforts to turn your planet’s used "nappies" (baby diapers) into 10th  generation trans-space fuels using advanced transmogrification. You have indicated that you are interested in assisting with our commercialization with strategic planning and development, and have experience with the Commerce Clause. As you know, there have been recent attempts to stop intergalactic bulk waste transport. How can you personally assist our endeavors?”

Termites R Us, Associated

A spokes-bug for the Swarm stepped onto the tiny platform they’d setup in front of the human-sized megaphone, wriggled antennae in preparation, and presented their difficulty:

“As you know by now, Mr. Teru, our Wood Deconstruction Association represents all races of North American termites. We are under extreme pressure these days to Give It Up for the greater good of biofuels, with our economy being gutted for science so to speak. We consider our wood breakdown intestinal flora to be proprietary, and are seeking patent protection. Governmental researchers have in our opinion been practicing industrial piracy and have forcefully obtained samples of our precious formula, a painful procedure at best. Can you provide guidance?”

Redwoods-to-Biodiesel Corporation .

Standing at an impressive 13 foot, the Blue Ox spoke for his company's co-founder Mr. Bunyan, who lounged against a near-by stump:

“We have been slicing and dicing these Big Trees long before it was no longer fashionable. You claim to have a broad knowledge of AgroForestry, and an understanding of the complexities surrounding use of a National Symbol to make more biodiesel to fuel our logging trucks so we can receive Global Certification to sustainably harvest more trees. Mr. Teru, we’d like to popularize the concept of conversion of the public’s redwoods for our fuel supply and feel you can assist us. What's the reach of your News Service?"

MicroTD Conversion Ltd .

Against the back-drop of a veritable Tsunami of Trash coming in at an alarming 40,000 tons per day, every day, the new company was convinced they had the Only True Answer:

"This pocket-sized Thermal Discombobulator converts precisely One Pound of any form of mixed municipal solid waste into a combustible vapor, a form as you know Mr. Teru, is quite acceptable within the fuel systems of most advanced hyper-hybrid defragulator-equipped vehicles. Now that there are at least three such cars on the road and more coming every day, we hope to equip everyone in this Metropolis with their very own TD unit. Zip-zap, and our trash problems are solved (mind your fingers there, son). So, when can you start?"

Our global Waste Conversion future's so bright, I gotta wear tinted Safety Goggles!

Hey Rube!

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! Now, back to woik.

The Week's News

Alliance Federated Plasma Waste to Energy Project Proposed for Saipan

Wisconsin-based renewable energy and infrastructure company Alliance Federated Energy (AFE) is proposing a plasma gasification waste to energy project for the island of Saipan, according to a report in the Saipan Tribune today. 03/29/2013

Carrefour Trials Food Waste Sourced Biomethane to Fuel Supermarket Lorries

French grocery giant Carrefour Group has announced that it is now testing its first fleet of biomethane fueled lorries (delivery trucks) with the biofuel generated from anaerobic digestion of food waste from its stores. 03/29/2013

CEC Approves Amendment of Delta Diablo Biosolids to Energy Contract

The California Energy Commission (CEC) heard as item 5 and approved staff's recommendation to amend the Delta Diablo Sanitation District's 2011 grant award contract 500-10-034 during its March 20, 2013 business meeting. 03/29/2013

Vista Starts Construction on Pilot Plant for Waste Gasification to Energy

Colorado based Vista International Technologies Inc. (VITI) has announced that it has started construction on its waste conversion to energy pilot facility in an undisclosed location in the northeastern United States. 03/28/2013

Myriant and Bayegan Collaborate to Commercialize Bio-Sourced Chemicals

Massachusetts based Myriant Corporation has announced a new collaborative agreement with the Turkish chemical production and trading company Bayegan Group. 03/28/2013

DECC Releases UK's Heat Strategy to Reduce Carbon Emissions

The United Kingdom (UK) Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced publication of the government's Heat Strategy as the most recent Action Plan of the overall Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). 03/28/2013

University of Georgia Researchers Tame Ocean Heat Vent CO2 Eating Bacteria

The University of Georgia has announced that Michael Adams and his team at the Bioenergy Systems Institute in collaboration with North Carolina State University's Professor Bob Kelly have succeeded in harnessing an ocean heat vent thermophyllic bacterium that feeds on carbon dioxide. 03/28/2013

BioNitrogen Partners with Alberta Co-Op for Biomass to Urea Feasibility Study

The Florida woody waste conversion company BioNitrogen has announced a partnering agreement with Canada's Battle River Agri-Ventures Co-Op (BRAV-C) to assess the feasibility of one or more biomass to urea plants in Alberta. 03/27/2013

GS Caltex to Commercialize Biobutanol Production in South Korea in 2013

Global Post coverage of South Korean Yonhap News Agency news reports that GC Caltex is on track for commercial scale production of bio-sourced butanol fuel this year in its biorefinery in South Korea. 03/27/2013

S4CO2 and Quinlan Agree to JV for Shrimp Waste to Co-Products Facility

Canadian waste to co-products development company Solutions4CO2, Inc. (S4CO2), has announced a Project Development Agreement (PDA) with Quinlan Brothers Ltd. to build a waste to co-products facility to extract oil containing eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and astaxanthin from Quinlan's waste streams. 03/27/2013

Canada's 2013 Economic Action Plan Includes $325MM for Clean Tech

The Honorable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, announced the Canadian Government's 2013 budget this past week and detailed how the government's Economic Action Plan is intended to build on the Harper Government's "record for delivering results." 03/26/2013

UK Green Investment Bank Funds Bioenergy Center for Cambridge U Hospitals

The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) has announced that it will provide £18m in funding towards a new energy innovation center for Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 03/25/2013

Welsh Government Releases Report on End Destinations of Recyclates

An assessment of where Welsh recyclates go for reprocessing was commissioned by Alice Maxwell-Lyte, Waste Strategy Advisor of the Welsh Government , and the final report prepared by SKM Environs was just released entitled Dry Recycling End Destinations, a Report for Local Authorities in Wales.03/25/2013

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