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Volume IV, Issue 24, June 16, 2014 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Teru's Trash Talk

Humans! We're everywhere, and boy, can we make a mess. Yet at the same time, we are endlessly inventive. When a past mess has presented itself, someone, somewhere has figured out a way to clean it up and if given some elbow-room to work, even make a buck or two in the process. But there is no Best Shoe that fits all feet and there is no single waste conversion process that can effectively clean up every mess. These days, there is not a lack of methods and technologies suited to the jobs at hand. The paths to returning waste-sourced resources to the marketplace are as diverse as the types of wastes and residuals that must be reclaimed.

How in the wide world can anyone know what clean-up tool best fits a particular waste conversion job? By the time you realize the size of the mess you need to clean up, it’s a little late to be searching the world over for the proper tools. I mean, it's not like there's a catalog or something that we can flip through, to locate just the best muck-converter. Uh - wait a minute - what an idea: a Waste Conversion Catalogue!

Yeah, but here's the problem: by the time you make a list, it's already obsolete. We Humans move pretty fast, both forward and backward, and trying to pin down our inventions and their applications is rather like herding cats. Oh, it's not that the information isn't Out There. In fact, that's now the problem, this constant flood of Information. Yes, you can come up with a list of Digesters, or Pyrolyzers, or any other target you chase. What you'll get is a snapshot, a still-life of the moment, out of context and lacking depth.

For the past four years, we've been figuring out the best methods to manage the daily flood and post the news, filtering a mind-boggling amount of Waste Conversion data. While we've been picking the gems from the gravel, we've been building the Teru Talk machine. If we've sent you a Courtesy Notice that we published News of your Happenings, you know we are maintaining detailed profiles of every company, technology, project, agency, institution, and foundation that is somehow engaged in clean waste conversion. Behind the enormous mound of information you can find along the halls of Teru Talk are at least two orders of magnitude more detail, stuffed into our simple database. The need for that information is stronger now than ever; now it is time to grow Teru Talk to meet that global need.

The concept of a Circular Economy requires that whatever we discard must be recovered and returned to the flow. The cycle of resource recovery is a live process that changes constantly. To present an accurate picture of the global state of our industry requires that we match that pace of that change. That's what's behind Teru Talk - we have built the filtering machine, and have developed and are now maintaining a Live Catalogue of Waste Conversion, a suite of profiles with timelines that track the birth and development of global Resource Recovery.

Hey Rube!

Stay tuned, dear readers. Teru Talk is growing, incorporating more sophisticated tools, attracting new brains, seeking new funding. Over the next few months we'll keep you informed and engaged in our progress, the overall goal of which is to serve up to our global audience a Live Catalogue of Waste Conversion. All Questions, Concepts and Support are Welcome.

This Week's Top Story

APP to Supply Gasplasma® Technology for Canadian Waste to Energy Project

United Kingdom based Advanced Plasma Power (APP), has announced signing an agreement with Port Fuels & Materials Services, Inc to provide its advanced thermal conversion technology for a new 20MW waste to energy plant in the Port of Hamilton, Canada. 06/10/2014

The Week's News

Transact Energy Secures First Site for Zero Emissions Waste Plant in Mexico

Texas based Transact Energy Corp. has announced securing through its partners, the Puebla Waste Consortium, the first of two plant sites in Puebla, Mexico to construct its TransAct Zero Emissions Waste Optimization Plant ™ (Z.E.W.O.P.). 06/14/2014

Largest Landfill Gas Cogeneration Plant in France is Officially Open

United Kingdom headquartered Clarke Energy has announced the official opening of the new Electr’od landfill gas-powered cogeneration plant in Plessis-Gassot, France, for which Clarke installed 10 of GE Distributed Power’s ecomagination qualified Jenbacher gas engines. 06/14/2014

USDA Announces BCAP Funding for Turning Biomass Residues into Energy

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced that it will begin accepting applications June 16, 2014 through July 14, 2014 from energy facilities interested in receiving forest or agricultural residues to generate clean energy. 06/14/2014

Bluesphere Receives Air Permit for North Carolina Waste-to-Energy Project

Bluesphere has announced that Mecklenburg County has issued the company an air emissions permit for its 5.2 MW waste-to-energy project in Charlotte, North Carolina. 06/13/2014

Cirque Energy to Furnish and Operate Biomass Gasification Plant in Texas

Michigan based Cirque Energy, Inc has announced signing an agreement for the Midland Biomass Energy Station (MBES) project to install a 2.5 megawatt (MW) biomass gasification power plant in Midland, Texas. 06/11/2014

Edeniq Validates Residual Cellulosic Waste to Sugar Conversion Platform

Edeniq, Inc has announced successful performance of its PATHWAY™ Pilot Validation Facility in Visalia, California at the company's headquarters. 06/11/2014

Covanta Funds Fishing for Energy's Marine Debris Education Program

In honor of World Oceans Day on June 8, 2014, Fishing for Energy has announced $150,000 in grant support from Covanta to support projects that increase public awareness of the threat that derelict gear (gear that is lost in the ocean) and marine debris pose to the marine environment. 06/11/2014

Greenleaf Power Secures $100 Million to Acquire Biomass Power Plants

California based Greenleaf Power LLC has announced the closing of a $100 million growth capital facility, the proceeds of which will be used to fund acquisitions of biomass power plants. 06/10/2014

Biome Research Confirms Economical Manufacture of Bioplastics from Lignin

United Kingdom based Biome Bioplastics Ltd has announced that research has demonstrated the feasibility of economically extracting organic chemicals from lignin for the manufacture of bioplastics. 06/09/2014

Chinese Institute Identifies One-Step Conversion of Biomass to Hydrogen

A new paper in Biotechnology for Biofuels reports on research out of the Harbin Institute of Technology in China that provides a new microbial pathway for conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to large volumes of hydrogen. 06/09/2014

AGH Reviews On-Line Wood Heating Fuel Efficiency Calculators

The Alliance for Green Heat (AGH) has released a review of available on-line tools for calculating the efficiency of wood heat fuelled stoves and appliances, with and without catalytic converters. 06/09/2014

The Week's Action Items

Due 08/15/2014: Proposals for Distributed Generation Capacity to SCE

Investor-owned utility Southern California Edison (SCE) has issued its pilot Distributed Generation Solutions (“DGS”) Request for Proposals (“RFP”) and Alternative Distribution Generation Solutions (“ADGS”) Request for Information (“RFI”). 06/13/2014

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