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Volume IV, Issue 28, July 14, 2014 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Teru's Trash Talk

When we humans manufacture goods, we usually make two things: a product and a mess. We make furniture, and end up with a pile of scraps. We make canned beans and end up with more wash-water than beans. Even at home, maintaining a pretty front yard results in a pile of clippings. We are very good at making both the goods, and the not-so-goods.

Intuitively, we all understand that leaving half our resources in a waste pile is leaving half our money on the table. It isn’t too big a stretch to figure that someone, somewhere, could use those wood scraps, that beany wash-water, even the landscape trimmings. Finding those who have the proper tools to make use of our left-overs is one problem; getting that bulky, sloshing, smelly stuff to them is quite another. Then there's the trouble we cause getting it there, the diesel emissions, the traffic jams, the man-power that perhaps could be put to better use.

There has to be a chain of events, of people and equipment all lined up, to get the wood to the furniture maker, the beans to the cannery. When there weren't so many humans, just dumping the bean-water bucket out back was OK. These days, sanity and sanitation require that we properly dispose of our mess. This in turn has extended that "supply chain" past our own use to a regional land fill or incinerator. Our ever-growing global population is putting the squeeze on the crucial resources we need to keep making and using Things. Now, we have to figure out the next supply chain extension: the chain of events that puts those discarded resources back into the mainstream as raw materials.

A Supply Chain is part of the infrastructure needed to manage our human lives, and something we've been figuring out since before the Romans built those stone aqueducts. When working to provide water, growing communities have found that sometimes one big pond with lots of pipes is better than a whole bunch of small wells; cleaner, if not cheaper. When providing regional food supplies, we've gone toward industrial agriculture and away from back-yard gardens. Now we need to find a balance between very local resource recovery operations and more regional solutions, and that pattern will vary with the community's needs and its discard generation. Working out the localized supply chains, we see that the grand Circular Economy fragments into cycles-within-cycles. But we Humans are endlessly inventive; we'll figure this one out, too.

Hey Rube!

In both the United States and the United Kingdom, some of the big super market central distribution centers are turning all of their left-overs into combined heat and power. Compare Kroger's Southern California supply chain resource recovery solution to Sainsbury's approach for their big market complex in Cannock, UK.

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This Week's Top Story

Loch Duart Demonstrates Sustainability for Salmon Farming Industry

Scottish salmon farming company Loch Duart Ltd has signed a supply agreement to provide up to 450 tonnes of fish processing waste to London-based CellsUnited Ltd for conversion into high-value nutritional supplements. 07/09/2014

The Week's News

Biomass Pellets Trade & Power Spotlights Asia’s Biomass Industry Growth

5th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power returns to Seoul this 23-25 September, 2014 for a discussion on 'Tapping the Growing Biomass Demand in China, Japan and South Korea.' 07/13/2014

Cobalt and ANDRITZ Will Integrate Technologies for Cellulosic Bio-Butanol

California based Cobalt Technologies, Inc has signed an exclusive agreement with ANDRITZ Inc to integrate Cobalt’s proprietary lignocellulosic pre-treatment process for the production of n-butanol with ANDRITZ’s customized pre-treatment systems. 07/11/2014

Columbia University Study Focuses on Energy and Economic Value of MSW

The American Chemical Council (ACC) has announced a new study by Columbia University's Earth Engineering Center (ECC) on the energy and economic value of municipal solid waste (MSW) in the United States. 07/11/2014

Waste-Sourced Biochar Shows Promise as Filter to Clean Stormwater

Oregon BEST has announced a new round of commercialization funding for Portland based Sunmark Environmental to collaborate with Oregon State University (OSU) researchers in advancing a biochar-based filter system. 07/11/2014

Benefuel Closes on $11MM Stock Offering to Advance Biodiesel Technology

Texas-based Benefuel Inc. has announced closure of its first stock offering funding tranche, securing $11 million to advance the commercialization and deployment of Benefuel's patented ENSEL® technology in Canada and the United States. 07/10/2014

UK Reports Focus on Redefining Waste to Secure Raw Materials Supply

The United Kingdom’s (UK) Environmental Services Association (ESA) has called attention to two newly released reports that focus on the trends, methods, and importance of recovery of raw materials from discards. 07/10/2014

Kroger Sustainability Report Describes On-Site Food Waste Conversion

The Kroger Company has announced release of its annual Sustainability Report, setting its first-ever water conservation goal, providing a progress update on moving retail locations toward "zero waste", and sourcing 100% certified sustainable palm oil. 07/09/2014

Valmet to Supply New Wood Chipping Plant to Mörrum Pulp Mill in Sweden

Finland based Valmet Corporation has announced that it will deliver a new wood chipping plant valued at around EUR 20 million to Södra Cell's Mörrum pulp mill in Sweden. 07/08/2014

Aemetis Receives US EPA Approval for Distilled Biodiesel from India Plant

California based Aemetis, Inc has announced that it has received US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval to issue D4 RINs for biodiesel produced from waste fats and oils (WFO) at its distilled biodiesel production facility on the East Coast of India. 07/08/2014

Maverick Synfuels and Petrostar Form Maverick Northstar Joint Venture

North Carolina based Maverick Synfuels and Canadian company Petrostar Petroleum Corporation have announced the formation of Maverick Northstar, Inc., a joint venture for the deployment and operation of gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology. 07/07/2014

The Week's Action Items

Due 10/01/2014: Part I Submissions for DOE Clean Energy Loan Guarantees

The US Department of Energy's (DOE) Loan Program Office LPO) has announced a $4 billion Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects Loan Guarantee solicitation (DE-SOL-0007154) that is intended to support the first commercial-scale deployments of innovative clean energy technologies. 07/08/2014


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