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Volume IV, Issue 51, December 22, 2014 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú") 

Teru's Trash Talk

Tis just about Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza

Krampusnacht, Winter Solstice, whatever yer pleasah

The bright LED lights are up, the E-cards are all sent

Guests are arriving, if somewhat weathered and bent…


Around the globe our thoughts turn to family

And food, and friendship, and resource recovery

100% Recycling dreams dance through our heads:

Divert from our landfills 'til Disposal is Dead!


December's winter time, north of the equator

Too cool for composting - use your InSinkErator

Philadelphia's ready for that increased digestion

Organics down the drain mean more Biogas generation


The Smart City of Surrey has got it together

Gathering food scraps in that cold Canadian weather

Their ENERGYShift Plan: run trucks on food waste

Shanks got the build-out contract; now, make haste!


Pure Energy Group's digesters aren't gargantuan

Turn yer brewery waste to biogas? You bet they can!

Meanwhile, Mercurius boils their biomass in booze

Making low value wood chips into high-value oooze


Want plastic feedstock? 5 Gyres says, Go Fish!

Plastic to fuel oil, now there's a Christmas wish

5 trillion bits of plastic waste afloat on the seas

Clean it up and cleanly convert it - pretty please?


Remember: Biogas and Biodiesel can cleanly run a bus

And who's watching Clean Conversion? …that would be, us.

Teru Talk's heart-felt wish for our planet's health:

Let's turn our garbage to goods, and our waste back to wealth!

Hey Rube!

This season we're watching with glee as folks around the globe are figuring out that clean waste conversion is a natural part of smart city infrastructure. The Right Tools are available, getting smaller and cleaner every day. We certainly have enough trash to convert - and even the U.S. giant Waste Management gets it (finally) - the company's 2014 Sustainability Report: "Creating a Circular Economy" reads like a Christmas Card to the nation.

This Week's Top Story

Vega Biofuels Contracts with Vencor to Meet Bio-Coal Demand

Norcross, Georgia based Vega Biofuels, Inc has entered into a five year Agreement with Colorado company Vencor International, Inc that will provide Vega with sufficient Bio-Coal to meet its current demand. 12/18/2014

The Week's News

Shanks Selected for Surrey Organics Biofuel Processing Facility in Canada

Shanks Group plc has announced that Iris Solutions, a consortium led by Orgaworld Canada, part of Shanks’ Organics Division, has been selected as the preferred proponent for the Surrey Biofuels Processing Facility project in Canada. 12/19/2014

Renmatix Acquires REAC Fuel's Intellectual Property

Pennsylvania based Renmatix, Inc has announced its acquisition of the intellectual property rights and know-how of Swedish company REAC Fuel. 12/109/2014

WERF Funds Research for Recovery of Commodities from Wastewater

The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) has awarded contracts for three new projects that examine wastewater as a resource. 12/19/2014

Bioenergy Association of California Applauds CPUC Decision on Bioenergy

The Bioenergy Association of California (BAC) applauds the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) for its December 18, 2014 decision to advance community scale bioenergy development. 12/19/2014

Iogen and Raizen Start Commercial Production of Cellulosic Ethanol in Brazil

Iogen Corporation and Raízen have announced that they have begun production of cellulosic ethanol on schedule at Raízen's newly expanded Costa Pinto sugar cane mill in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil. 12/18/2014

International Study Reports 5 Trillion Plastic Pieces Afloat in World's Oceans

Open access journal PLOS One has published an internationally collaborative study led by Marcus Eriksen of the Los Angeles based Five Gyres Institute entitled, Plastic Pollution in the World's Oceans: More than 5 Trillion Plastic Pieces Weighing over 250,000 Tons Afloat at Sea. 12/18/2014

Guelph Researchers Have Recipe for Wet Farm Waste: Cook into Energy

University of Guelph (UofG) researchers are studying how to make biofuels from farm waste, especially “wet” waste that is typically difficult to use. 12/18/2014

ATS Pilots Recyllose Recovery Process at Scottish WWTP

California based Applied CleanTech (ACT) has announced that its pilot project to test its SRS sewage recycling technology for wastewater being conducted with Scottish Water is showing promising results. 12/17/2014

BioNitrogen Contracts With Saipem for EPC Services to Furnish Urea Plants

Florida company BioNitrogen Holdings Corp has announced that it has signed an agreement with Italy based Saipem to provide BioNitrogen with engineering, procurement, project management and construction services (EPC) for its urea manufacturing facilities. 12/17/2014

Pacific Ag Seeking Growers for Residue Management Pilot Program

Oregon based Pacific Ag, LLC has announced that it is seeking High Plains corn growers within a 100-mile radius of Hugoton, Kansas, to participate in a residue management pilot program. 12/17/2014

MagneGas Deploys Manure Sterilization System to Major US Hog Farm

MagneGas Corporation has announced that it has completed construction of its Venturi™ sterilization system at a major hog farm in Indiana that raises over 40,000 pigs per year. 12/15/2014

US EPA Releases "Definition of Solid Waste" 2014 Final Rulemaking

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a Final Rulemaking on the Definition of Solid Waste (DSW) as part of the national Resource Conservation and Recycling Act (RCRA), together with an Environmental Justice (EJ) analysis. 12/15/2014

WM Releases 2014 Sustainability Report: Creating a Circular Economy

Houston, Texas based Waste Management, Inc has released its 2014 Sustainability Report titled "Creating a Circular Economy", which documents the company's progress on recycling, energy production, transforming waste into valuable resources, and helping businesses move toward zero waste. 12/15/2014

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