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Teru Talk News

Teru Talk Newsletter

Volume IV, Issue 7, February 17, 2014 
Teru Talk by Michael Theroux (pronounced "Terú")  

Teru's Trash Talk

My mother reads our newsletter (Hi, Mom). She says she's always amazed at how many different ways I can say the same thing. Yeah, well … fair enough.

Let's look at this term Trash (/traSH/) a little closer:


1.      discarded matter; refuse, as in, "We are burying ourselves in a tsunami of trash"

2.   cultural ideas or objects of poor quality, as in "Most political jargon is just rehashed trash."

3.      being regarded as of very low social standing, as in "Those that litter are themselves considered trash."


1.   To damage or wreck; 3rd person present: trashes; past tense: trashed; past participle: trashed; gerund or present participle: trashing, as in "my neighborhood's been totally trashed."

2.   To discard, as in "you've just trashed more resources than you are personally worth."

Ah, but then there's the stunning beauty and abundance of the Synonyms:

  • garbage, refuse, waste, litter, junk, debris, detritus, rubbish, junk, dross, dreck, drivel, nonsense, trivia, pulp, pap, garbage, rubbish; 
  • scum, vermin, dregs of society, lowest of the low, scum of the earth, dirt, riffraff, nonsense, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney; 
  • schlock, crap, hogwash, baloney, jive, guff, tripe, drivel, bilge, bunk, BS, piffle, poppycock, hooey, twaddle, gobbledygook, flapdoodle; 
  • crapola, bunkum, tommyrot, wreck, ruin, destroy, wreak havoc on, devastate; 
  • vandalize, tear up, bust up, smash, criticize, lambaste, censure, attack, insult, abuse, malign, give a bad press to, condemn, flay, savage, pan, knock, take to pieces, take/pull apart, crucify, hammer, slam, bash, trash talk, roast, maul, rubbish, pummel, bad-mouth, bitch about … 

So yes, there are  a whole lotta ways to say the same thing. But then, some concepts like implementing the Clean Conversion of Waste to Goods just deserve repeating. I SAID: concepts like implementing the Clean Conversion of Waste to Goods just deserve repeating.

[Publisher's note: Yes, Teru really is full of (pick any word above) today.]

Hey Rube!

And we're always looking for that top Question of the Week. Most recently, a Dear Reader queried, "What is all this Hey Rube! stuff about?"

A: In the early days of the United States, the travelling workers or "carnies" of that fine institution called the Circus needed a rallying call for help in fights with the "locals", those considered Outsiders to their rowdy, loud, and often politically charged lot. To the carnies, the Circus was their home, and they'd do battle on a moment's notice to protect their world. So if you hear that strident call, Hey Rube!, you can bet there's trouble brewing - so perk up and come a-running. More than ever, us rabble need to band together.

This Week's Top Story

University of Hawaii, Pacific Biodiesel Partner to Reclaim Grease Trap Water

The University of Hawaii (UH) at Manoa has announced that its researchers at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute are collaborating with Maui based Pacific Biodiesel Technologies LLC to reclaim water from restaurant grease traps while creating energy. 02/13/2014

The Week's News

Wärtsilä Biogas Plant Converts Food Waste to Biofuel for Buses in Norway

Wärtsilä Corporation has announced that its biogas liquefaction plant delivered to the Norway based Cambi AS was inaugurated on February 12, 2014. 02/14/2014

DECC Opens 'Offtaker of Last Resort' Consultation for Renewable Electricity

The United Kingdom (UK) Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has opened a public consultation on its Offtaker of Last Resort proposal, which would provide eligible renewable electricity producers with a guaranteed backstop route-to-market at a discount to market prices. 02/14/2014

NYSERDA Awards $3MM for HE Low Emission Wood-Fired Heating Projects

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that $3 million has been awarded to 18 research institutions, technology developers, and biomass-fuel businesses to encourage the growth of high-efficiency (HE), low-emission wood-fired heating equipment. 02/14/2014

EWI Tire Recycling Technology Significantly Reduces Carbon Emissions

Ontario, Canada based Environmental Waste International Inc (EWI) has announced that its Reverse Polymerization™ process and proprietary microwave delivery system significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to the two most commonly used waste tire recycling options. 02/13/2014

CPIA Releases Trial Results of Marine Plastic Litter Conversion to Fuel

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) has announced results of Yukon based trials using a Blest pyrolysis retort to convert plastic litter  collected from the shorelines of Northern Vancouver Island in 2013  , and comparing that to conversion of land based plastic wastes. 02/12/2014

NSERC Trials of Solarvest's Algal Conversion of CO2 to H2 Successful

Solarvest BioEnergy Inc has announced third party confirmation of its bio-hydrogen expression system following the successful completion of a six month NSERC Engage project (previously announced) with Dr. Hallenbeck at the Université de Montréal. 02/12/2014

Empyro Starts Construction on 25 MWth Biomass to Oil Pyrolysis Facility

Empyro BV has announced that construction of its 25 MWth pyrolysis oil production plant has begun at the AkzoNobel site in Hengelo (The Netherlands). 02/10/2014

Swedish Research Finds Biogas Potential in Pulp and Paper Mill Wastewater

The Linköping University in Sweden has announced that its Water and Environmental Studies (WES) researchers have found that wastewater from pulp and paper mills contain large volumes of organic material that can be converted into biogas. 02/10/2014

The Week's Action Items

Due 03/05/2014: Qualifications for Waste Conversion Technology Services

The City of San Jose Environmental Services Department has released Request for Qualifications (RFQ) No. 22014 - Conversion Technology Services for consulting services to assist with strategic planning and acquisition of funding to expand the development and implementation of conversion technology projects supporting the City's Green Vision 2012. 02/10/2014

Due 03/13/2014: Responses to City of Lancaster RFI for MRF and CT Project

The City of Lancaster, California, has issued a Request for Information (RFI) in order to evaluate the feasibility of developing a material recovery facility (MRF) and conversion technology (CT) project as an alternative to landfilling municipal solid waste (MSW) at the Lancaster Landfill. 02/13/2014

Due 05/05/2014: Comments to EPA's Draft Standards for New Wood Heaters

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published Standards of Performance for New Residential Wood Heaters, New Residential Hydronic Heaters and Forced-Air Furnaces, and New Residential Masonry Heaters. 02/10/2014

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